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INDONESIA Java Frinsa Honey Lactic FILTER
INDONESIA Java Frinsa Honey Lactic FILTER

INDONESIA Java Frinsa Honey Lactic FILTER

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Country: Indonesia
Farm: Java Frinsa Estate
Region: Weninggalih, Ciwidey, West Java
Exporter: The Q Coffee Trading
Altitude: 1350-1450 masl
Variety: Andungsari, Lini S795, P88
Process: Honey Lactic

Flavour Profile: Grapefruit, Milk Chocolate, Jasmine Tea

In The Cup

Its tea like flavour will give you a good glimpse on how Indonesian coffee has evolved. Its floral jasmine like aroma with milk chocolate sweetness will have you making a second-cup before you’ve finished your first.

Story Behind The Cup

Java Frinsa Estate is a family-owned company. Wildan Mustofa manages operation while his wife, Atieq Mustikaningtyas, manages human resources and marketing of the company. Java Frinsa Estate started growing coffee in January 2011 on fertile volcanic soil at Bandung Highland, West Java, Indonesia. They established intensive partnership with research centres on research and development to improve its farming practices such as plant health management, sustainability and post-harvest handling.

The coffee was fermented by lactic method. It was anaerobically processed in a tank together with a specific strand of Lactobacillus. This gives the coffee some characteristics of rose and dried fruit aroma. It also creates a smoother texture, a rounder body and an apple-like acidity as the lactic bacteria consumes some of the acidity from the cherries. The coffee is then pulped and dried in a dome for 20 days.

You'll be amazed by how delicious this coffee tastes. This is the true result of our green partner recent works, Benji Salim from The Q Coffee Trading and Wildan Mustofa from Java Frinsa Estate.

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