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Country: Colombia
Region: Huila
Farm: Finca El Bosque
Importer: Caravela Coffee
Altitude: 1800 masl
Variety: Caturra
Process: Washed

Flavour Profile: Cherry Ripe, Maple Syrup, Sarsaparilla


When it comes to a Colombian coffee, in the last 2-3 years we have been exposed with a number of experimental processed exotic coffees that have a unique and disntictive flavour. This coffee is a complete opposite, it has rather classic characters that you expect from Colombian coffee. It reminds you the Cherry Ripe chocolate bar, with a maple syrup like sweetness and sarsaparilla acidity, it is a solid tasting coffee in the cup.


Finca el Bosque is named so as it hidden away, surrounded by forests. For Gabriel Quilindo it is a place of solitude and interesting coffees. It is not just the native forest trees that you see from the farm, Gabriel has also implemented a forest project on his land, planting many different varieties to provide shade for his coffee trees.

Gabriel oversees the running of the farm, but his wife helps him manage the land and the work. Their children and neighbours also help with everything that needs to be done. The farm processes are meticulous in the way they are carried out. It helps that everyone involved is either family or close friends. Only ripe cherries are picked and left for 15 hours in cherry to then be de-pulped and fermented for 36 hours. Slow drying in area with good ventilation is key to bring the best out of the coffee and Gabriel and his family take this final stage very seriously.

A current project that Gabriel is working on is to make his own fertilizers using the biproducts from processing his coffee, to limit their use of agrochemicals on the land. For 22 years he has been working on this farm and he is always looking for ways to care for it better.


Hario V60 2 Cup
Dose: 16g coffee | 240g Water at 93°C

Step 1 (0 minute)
Start your timer before pre-wetting your ground coffee. Pre-wet (Bloom) with 25g of hot water and wait for 45 seconds.

Step 2 (45 seconds)
Gently pour 100g of hot water in a circular motion. Let the coffee steep for 60 seconds.

Step 3 (1 minute 45 seconds)
Pour to 225g at 1 minute 45 seconds, then swirl once the pour is done. Enjoy your brew!

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